Friday, March 20, 2009

It's early, but I have a busy mind!

It is not even 7:00 yet, but I have been up since 5:00. Went to the gym this morning. Whew. I'm whooped! I didn't realize just how out of shape I was until this morning. I did the eliptical (sp.) for 5 minutes, walked on the treadmill on an incline of 4 at a speed of 3.5 for 10 minutes, and then got back on the eliptical for another excruciating 5 minutes. (BTW, 5 minutes is a loooong time on a piece of excercise equipment!! LOL.) I felt like a limp noodle afterward, but I know it will get easier and I can work out for the 45 minutes I'd planned on doing. I laid in the tanning bed next. Can't wait to see my tan. I am so so pale! I really am glad I went, and plan on going at least 5 times a week.

Thanks for the comments on the Bible. I do love to highlight and take notes as well. I had to buy a new Bible about 8 months ago because almost every verse word or phrase was highlighted, underlined, circled or taken note of in the margin. I love to go back and look at all the notes I took! But it got hard to get anything new out of a verse or even to read the verse! So I got a new Bible and it's filling up pretty fast! LOL.

I love the OT. Most people find it 'boring' or 'hard to read' or 'not for US today'. But I love to read it. It's full of adventurous stories, amazing people of God, wonderful proverbs and poetry, and it's also full of God. God's works, God's power, God's grace, God's wrath, God's anger, God's compassion, God's love, God's words, God's heart. I just love it!

I love the NT too. Don't get me wrong. Several years ago, before I had ever read the entire Bible or even wanted to, all I read was Paul and Peter's letters. LOL. The encouragement, the 'feel good' verses. And I still do love to read the letters to the churches, but I read through the entire Bible and did a study on each book, and I just fell in love with the OT. That's also when I started studying the Feasts of the Lord, and the Torah and started asking questions. "Why don't we celebrate these feasts anymore? God never said to stop! He said it was to be an everlasting ordinace, for all the generations to come." and "Why don't we follow all the law? If we follow the Ten Commandments, why don't we follow every law of the Lord? Why do we pick and choose what to follow?" And it got me into some really in depth study. About a year of studying! I felt really close to the Lord when I was studying His Law, closer than I have ever felt. My prayer life was off the chain! (excuse the expression! it's all I could think of) I was praying for hours each day, crying to the Lord on behalf of others, spread out on my face in the living room because I could feel His presence in there with me and i couldn't get up, I could feel God talking to me, I could feel Him with me all day long. My marriage was strengthening, Rod was also studying the Law with me, and experienced the same prayer life. He was praying in the Spirit every day, just reading the Word constantly, taking His Bible to work with Him. We both just experienced a burst of spiritual growth. I have been contemplating that lately, and wondering, was there anything to that? When we were both basically forced to accept that everybody told us we were not Jewish, blah blah, and the Law is Void (BTW, get a Jewish translation Bible...the KJV and NIV are anti semitic in translations....) and we just stopped studying the Law, still studying, but not the Law, we didn't experience the same thing. I know, it's not about feelings all the time. But prayer should always be explosive, I think. IMHO. Just thinking out loud...

I just thank the Lord for His Perfect Law, Words, Love, and Grace.

And I found a Biographical study of the people of the Bible. One person a day. I started with Adam yesterday. I am keeping anotebook and keeping notes about each person as I come across information. It should be a good resource when I get finished!


Latte Lady said...

I LOVE to study the feasts, too! The feasts are GOD's appointed times NOT Jewish feasts. I don't understand how "Christians" don't see that. The Scriptures SAY it! We will be celebrating our first Passover this year and I can't wait!

I don't doubt that you use highlighters, I just thought that maybe if you knew how I do it, it would inspire something for you.

I sure hope you find some inspiration...

My husband says that often after a big mountain top experience, there is a time of quietness with God. He says to just stay faithful in reading the Word and the spark will come back.

Good job going to the gym! God has been waking me earlier and earlier. I hope to be as inspired as you and start exercising!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Ok now you are making me feel like I need to get busy with some exercise! I know that I am not in shape either. Need to tone some muscle...

I am glad that you have started the biographical study. It should be very interesting and very in depth.

I love you more than you will know.

Love - Mama

Seeking Him, Megan said...

I have never thought about color coding my highlighting though, and I am going to try that! Thanks for the idea...

I am always wanting to buy a new Bible though, just so I can have a zillion with a zillion different ways of recording my studying. LOL. That's selfish though because theres tons of people in other countries who would love to have just one book of the Bible. I have to remember that just because we're financially blessed, I need to use common sense. And help those who can't help themselves!

This is our first Passover, too. We celebrated Hanukkah, but not Purim. Do you have any sites or anything that would be helpful about Passover?? Thanks.

Latte Lady said...

I will look at my info on the feasts and let you know. I read a book that helped me a lot and many articles on the net.

So, does this mean that your family won't be celebrating Easter? I'm just curious. If that is too personal of a question I understand.

I would like to talk more about this with you. I love it!