Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last week, a guy working on the pipeline up here got killed. It was a freak accident, and wasn't anybody's fault, but it still makes me kind of nervous for Rod and all the guys up here we know. Remember the man's family in your prayers.

That day, everybody got off work early, and we took the kids to Kid Zone, which is like ChuckECheese. It's got pizza, games, tokens, and bouncy slides and things. They had a blast, and I'll have to say so did Rod. He was playing just as hard as the kids were! LOL.

I got a new camera the other day, a Kodak easy share. It's blue and really cute. It takes good pictures too and I'll post some soon. Promise.

We found a better playground, and that made the kids really happy. The weather was really nice the other day, it got up to 78 degrees or so and we played for a while outside. I can't wait until it stays warm outside!

Homeschooling is going good. We are going to start on marking vowels next week. If anyone has any tips for teaching how t mark long and short vowel sounds please let me know. We just finished our Season's book today. We are going to be learning about God's plan for seeds and plants next week. If anyone has any tips for that, actitives or whatever, let me know. We are going to plant some seeds and nurture them until they grow and draw pictures of each stage for our books. I have a great science book from Abeka 'God's World'. It's really neat and I love it. They love it, too, but I didn't buy the teacher's guide, so I have to be creative, lol!

Keep all of us in your prayers. It's hard being away from home. I went yesterday and bought pictures, plants and flowers to decorate the trailer. It made it feel more homey, and that helps a little. Even the kids seemed to be a little more happy. I bought a picture that says 'Home is where the heart is'. That's true, and my heart is with Rod and the kids, so I just thank God that we are together. BTW, if you've never been to Big Lots they have some really cute home decorating things. Check it out.

One more note: Passover is coming up!! I'm excited, trying to get ready for our first Passover. We won't be drinking wine, we'll be drinking sparkling grape juice, because I don't like wine. Yuck!! And we are doing our seder a little different from traditional Jews. We'll be reading the story from Exodus, eat our meal complete with unleavened bread and grape juice' and then we'll read the story of the ressurection of Jesus, and have dessert and pray. We're not doing the traditional prayers, blessings, readings, etc. Short and simple.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Well I am glad you finally got around to another post! I am so glad that the pictures you bought helped your little travel trailer feel more like home. I can't wait to get to see all of you and get some good hugs and kisses!

I love you sweetie - Mama

Latte Lady said...

Sounds like things are going well and you are making the best of things.

Content in all circumstances...

Did you ever get my email about the feasts?

Seeking Him, Megan said...

No I never got your email!! What is your email, I'll email you and then you can reply back to it with your email about the feasts so that way I'll get