Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creation Lapbook

Today, we made our first ever lapbook. It was loads of fun, the kids were really creative, and they had a blast. We went really simple this time, simple fold, simple topic (creation), and simple content.

On the cover, we glued a picture of the creation and the memory verse for this week (Genesis 1:1), and then they stuck foam stickers all over the cover. I picked up about 8 bags of these from the Dollar Tree for $1 a bag of about 100-150 each, different themes, like animals, sea animals, letters, stars and moons, shapes, etc.

For the inside, I had some Bible coloring and activity books (which were also $1 a piece!). The first pages were the days of creation, with big numbers for each day and pictures of what was created that day in the number, and the verse at the bottom of each page. We tore those out of the coloring book, stapled them together to make a little book, and colored them. I stapled them inside the folder.

I also found a creation matching game, which I printed and cut apart, and the kids glued an envelope inside the folder and put the game pieces inside the envelope. Then they used more stickers and markers to decorate the inside.

I think they turned out great! My kids are so creative. I love lapbooks, and will definetly be using these as part of our 'curriculum'! The kids spent about an hour and a half, quietly at the table, using their imagination and creativity, and learning at the same time. Mikaela knows her Verse for this week and last week (Colossians 3:17). Eli, unknowingly to me and him, learned the first part of the verse last week. Mikaela was supposed to be telling it to me, and she said, "And whatever you do" and Eli jumped in "word or deed!" And she said, "Oh yeah, word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord." And Eli chimed in again, "Colossians 3:17!" I was surprised, because I hadn't worked with him at all on it (shame on me!). I asked him to say it, and he said it almost right! I was so proud, and decided that I don't need to work with him too hard, he retains more knowledge just by observing!

So all in all, homeschooling is going great so far. I'm not putting any pressure on Mikaela or myself, and it's so refreshing that way. We are just learning and living. I'm enjoying it so much.

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Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

My grandbabies are the best! I love it that Eli learned his verse just by example of Mikaela. That should tell us a thing or two about our actions...

I love you - you are a terrific mom.