Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I Forgot to Mention...

These days, I have "Mommy Brain" more and more. Here a few random things I forgot to mention about the past week or so...

Mikaela lost another tooth! This time, Eli knocked it out on accident. They were wrestling on the couch, and my sister in law to be was over here. All of a sudden, Mikaela goes, "My tooth! Eli just pulled my tooth with his knee!!" She was bleeding, and I couldn't find the tooth! I took her to the bathroom, and got her gums to stop bleeding, worried that she had swallowed it! (she has really really small teeth) Then Abby yelled, "Found it!" And so we found the tooth. They thought it was really funny that Eli "pulled it".

Wednesday, the kids and I packed up as soon as we got through with our morning bookwork, and headed to Monroe (about 1 and 1/2 hours away from my house). I discovered the hard way that Mercie didn't have any "in between" clothes. Meaning, she had winter stuff that is getting to small, and some really summery stuff that it's too cool for. She had no short sleeve/pants outfits except 1!! So we went to Toys R Us and Old Navy and got her some cute stuff. I couldn't resist though, and got Mikaela and Eli something too! Although they won't need anything for another month or so. I love shopping for my babies!! All 3 of them.

My nephew is having his 2nd birthday party tommorow! Bryton will be 2 Sunday, but his party is tommorow. He's having a John Deere Tractor party, and I get the honors of making the cake. I love making cakes! It's turning out pretty cute, but I'm not quite through with it. Happy Birthday Bryton!! We love you, sweet boy.

Rod is still in Indiana..suffering away from us until we can join him. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Homeschooling is still going great. Today we did our book work in the morning, and after lunch we made some "Y" books, because that was our letter this week. This afternoon, we took our paints and paper outside and painted a lion, because that was our animal this week. We read 1 chapter of Wizard of Oz tonight. The kids are really enjoying it, and retaining alot of the story. It's kind of...wizardy and witchy and fairy talish...I didn't realize, because I've never read the book or seen the movie! I guess the title, "The wizard of oz" should have gave it away...oh well. The kids like it, and they know that sort of thing is just pretend. Next chapter book will be preread by ME! Ha, ha.

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