Friday, February 13, 2009

happy valentines day

Today was a good day. A friend of mine came over and we looked at my abeka homeschooling curriculum. Then we loaded up and went to the library. The kids absolutely love the library. Eli, surprisingly, goes straight to the children's section, grabs a book, sits at the table and flips through the pages. When he's done, he takes it back to the shelf or brings it to me if he wants to take it home, and grabs another. Quietly, I should add. If you don't know Eli, then you won't understand why I just wrote that! Anyways..I grabbed The Wizard of Oz. Mikaela and Eli and I are going to start reading it each day, do some comprehension activites ( like drawing a scene from the book, sequencing, copywork, etc). Then when we're done we're going to rent the movie and watch it. We've never seen it before, so that should be exciting for them, especially Mikaela. It's getting close to time to start planting our garden! That's going to be a good learning opportunity for them. We've had a garden for 3 years now, but they are going to really help me plant, weed, water, and harvest. Tomorrow we have a Valentine party at church at 1. That will be fun. I'm a little sad though. My Valentine is in Indiana. I miss him sooooo much. Keep him in your prayers. Protection and safety and plus he really misses us, too.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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